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Who is a good candidate for orthodontic treatment?Were you the negligent teenager who refused to wear her retainer after orthodontic treatment or were you the one never allowed that glorious opportunity to sport a mouth full of metal down the school halls? Have you noticed that your teeth have continued to change as you’ve gotten older? Well, now is your time to bring back the healthy, beautiful smile!Whether or not you’ve had braces before, you could be a good candidate for orthodontic treatment, if you have healthy gums and good bone structure around your teeth. And, the bonus is that these are not the painful, bulky metal braces of the 1960s and 1970s anymore. Today’s braces can be nearly invisible – the color of “ice”- or be completely clear, like Invisalign. You can also sport any color elastics on your braces to match your wardrobe, season, or sporting event. Why not start the road to a healthier, happier, smilier you today? After all, we are hoping you leave smiling with confidence!

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